Saturday, October 2, 2010

~ L..O..V..E ~

"1. It's so easy, to think of Love, to talk about Love, to wish for Love,'s not always easy, to recognize Love.. Even when we hold it in our hands...."

"2. She / He can deal with stress and carry heavy burdens. She / He smiles when she / he feels like screaming, she / he sings when she / he feels like crying. She / He cries when she's happy and laughs when she's / he's afraid. Her / His love is unconditional. There's only one thing wrong with her / him, she / he forgets what she's / he's worth! I wanna remind us this... to all the beautiful people out there. I wanna remind all of us that, We are all UNIQUE. Today is "I Love Myself Day"

I come across the above quotation while browsing my (Sister) Gwenny's blog at about 7.20pm today.

For the time being, i'm still in my MIA (for myself) Mode. Which means, i don't feel like going to my kopitiam, i'd rather be outside doing my long overdued 'loitering' (altho it was way past my time to be calling it loitering...duh!) be it shopping, window shopping, or simply being at my favourite corner at home (studyroom...browsing ;) ) .

Sometimes, i do feel it was a waste of time doing unproductive things....but what struck me today, i actually needed some 'Me time'. To straighten some long overdued things which i kept on suppressing....

If you ask me, how do i define L.O.V.E ? My answer is very simple, doing good deeds without expecting something in return. What i learned thru the years, yes i do love....but i always have an expectation that whatever i do, i 'will' get back one way or the other. Hence, when my expectation was labelled as "high expectation" and when others felt it's too complicated in trying to get to know the real me... so they will be able to love me....and then when they failed...i didn't get to feel that they were supposed to just love or care for me....i get 'broken hearted'.

We are NOT supposed to expect anything in return when we do things for those we care about. It is not even a chore to begin with. We do it because they meant the world to us, and knowing when we do it (things that make others happy and make their day....smiling and all that)...that's where the true happiness come from. We feel contend... The trick is....when we do things for them, we do it because we want to...not because we were forced to.

Affirmation : I love myself, therefore...i'm getting rid of all the clutter in my home and in my life :) I am doing this willingly, for me.

Yours Truly,
Noor Ameera