Saturday, February 13, 2010

The One with St. Valentine's Day

I guess...everybody's looking forward to 14th February every year...ehemmmm do I ;)

A day dedicated specially to celebrate love and affection between intimate companions, where it causes sensations causing the price of flowers in the market all over the world, UP!

I blog today because, i saw one of my very long time ex schoolmate (fondly known as Abang Cas) wrote on his status about how he felt about the upcoming Valentine's Day....where he will formally propose to his sweetheart (fondly known as kakak ipar..sister in law..that's my soon to be sister in law!!!) back at his home town....on Valentine's Day!

When i read about took me back straight down memory lane! Where once i was engaged myself ;) I know how that must have felt for this first timer, when it comes to signing the engagement paper! HAAAAAAAA Nervous, shy, sweaty palms, even the ink of that pen.. the moment you wanna penned down your signature seems taking it's sweet time....sighhhh ohh boy...i think i just had a slight blush on my cheeks...bahahaaaaa! Now i know exactly why they have this term.."Blushing Bride" now, calm down horsey...heeeee :p

At the same time, a close friend just launched his bridal boutique! What a month! A month filled with activities related to celebrating life and love! I always had this thing about february (different but...ah well.....) ok imagine this...say that you celebrate valentine's Day or got hitched on the month of february....first night, honeymoon etc..etc....wouldn't your baby be born on November? Which is exactly 9 months after february? ;) Are you with me now? heheeeeeeeee.....scorpion babies are actually made out of LOVE!

When i look back at myself....i'm born in the month of May, that means that i was "in the oven" somewhere near Independence Day! So i was made out of INDEPENCE and also during celebration day! YAYYYYYYYYYYY =) (P.S.GOOD THINKING MOM & DAD ;) )heheeeeee...i guessed they make the best of their Independence day holiday heheeeeeeeee.....YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Anyway....i am really in the mood of celebrating all the lovey dovey feeling in me, which i was told that i should be expecting a bouquet of flowers by today and that's the february 13th, because i guessed all the florist in town will be closing their shop on the 14th because of a double celebration!


So if i get my bouquet pictures, it'll definately be on this blog!!! So just wait and see ;) shall we...heheeeeeeeee.....and i bet it will be signed, from prince charming....CHING!!!!!!

Well, this particular cinderella is really nervous now! So to all the cinderella and prince charming out there...let us always remember the best things about love....everyday, celebrate it while we're still breathing and alive, let our days be filled with love and joy that will last until generations to follow....

I'll leave you guys with Mr Eric Benet & Miss Tamia ;) Sweet dreams, Love!!! Mwahhhhhhh

Yours truly,
Baby Matahari

Eric Benet & Tamia ~ Spend My Life With You

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Hello again!

I was trying to sober up from all these antibiotic and bloated tummy thing (this happen a lot of time, especially when i've been taking a lot of medication and wrong choice of food...boohooo)

Today, I went shopping spree! Bought about more than a dozens of T shirt ;) hell yes! And a pair of shoes and a pair of flip flop....i spent time with Manja, her son, Andy and Uncle Yapp our new appointed Feng Shui Master! YAYYYYYYY!!! Very refreshing really, i finally get a grip of my old time favourite lepak with my buddies again, altho today it involves a minor but it helped a lot, especially when i'm in my beat the blues mission...heeeeeeee long story ;) shhhhhhhh

I went to Palm Square's Hush Puppies after that embarrassing (yeahh confession confession!!!) moments which they gave me the wrong sizes for each one of the shoe i newly bought (well this happened long time ago!...THANK GOD!) When i think back it's really thing about me, my temper goes up from 0 to 100 less than a second when i'm hungry plus where i have to deal with ignorant people....anyway...NEXT! :P

I'm so blessed that i get to see my brother, Andre...even if it's not even the festives season, which i really miss! Well, he's looking like a dugong like me, but at least he's still diligently trained himself at the gym once he's free from all the work. Where i on the other hand, still trying to figure out about where or which gym should i enroll!

Arghhhhhh..... That 5 K bet is really haunting me, really! Imagine this, by June 2011....i should be as trimmed as before and beat my cousin aka uncle to win that 5 K cash! Dang otherwise, i will have to fork out 5 K in return to pay him.....IF i lose!!!!

Having my own Kopitiam didnt help either....ohh i forgot to mention about my brief condo inspection earlier on at Puteri Damai Condo....well, I LOVE IT! But it's too pricey, way beyond my budget.... for a 4 bedroom condo with more than 2500 sq feet will cost me about more or less 1 MILLION! And that's in ringgit...sighhhhh well we'll see how it goes.....I really love staying in my rented house now, it's just that it's not for sale and i think it's about time for me to have my own house after all these years.....paying rentals each month is really SAYANG when i think about it....but for the time being, i really do love my neighbours and my landlord, they truely are really nice i wish this houe that i'm staying is for sale.....

Well i'm gonna hit the sack soon ;) or else my mom will scream again if she sees me with my beloved laptop at this hour! Just for your's 3.49am from where i am at the moment.... and yeah i love my new LONGINES!!!!!! Thanks daddy!!! HUGSSSSS! I really miss you ...... huuhuuu

Sweet dreamsssssssssssss MWAHHHHHHHH!

*GONE! :p

Yours Truly,
Baby Matahari

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who overcomes his enemies ~ Aristotle

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Home is Where the heart is (Part Deux)

I was looking for something earlier on as i was at home the whole time..something to make me get my feet back firmly on the ground.

Then i come across this beautiful song...which sums up all the things bottled in that has been bothering me all these while, especially for the last 2 weeks....

Yes i'm in a relationship, at the moment. A relationship that to some will only lead to a dead end. Doomed to some... where, just looking at it raised a lot of question marked expression...

Why did i end up here?

I was soul searching in the beginning part of it...and eventually, found my other half ...only to realise that my other half is actually someone else's half...

Was it painful? Indeed, in ways that only i understand. This definately will be an experience that will stay with me years to come... unforgettable....

This memory will definately will keep haunting me for the rest of my life....

Did i ever regret getting into this relationship?

Never. I learn to count my blessing after those hard fall. Which brings me here today to tell the tale of the once upon a time ~ a confused princess who finally turned into a beautiful swan ( a little chubby, but beautiful)... a real life cinderella in a little city, somewhere in the kingdom called, land below the wind.

Where she bravely face the crowd, with her head up high.... to stand up on what she believes to be her destiny and faith finally grant her her long overdue life wish, for her knight of shining amour to find her.

A dream? Yes, and i wish really hard that i will never wake up from it.

At the moment, only time will tell on how it's gonna end up. While i'm still here and while he's still breathing, i'm gonna do my best to embrace every moment of it.... and hoping that God will grant me my greatest wish, so that i can still hold him a little longer until i'm really ready to face the world on my finally fly...soar like an eagle and continue his legacy for a better tomorrow ....for years to come....

Everyday, i wish that if God really do love me, then please let me keep him a little longer he can make a difference to all the unfortunate people out there.......

Please hear me angels...if it means for me to give up 10 years of my life for him to live longer, i would. Period. That's how much i love this man. He makes me feel really safe. I never feel safe, ever since i was a little girl....and finally my prayers had been answered....Thank You God for watching over me, the angels hears me too....

Mytha ~ Soulmate

Yours Truly,
Baby Matahari

Monday, February 1, 2010


"My will shall shape the future. If I fail or succeed shall be no man's doing but my own. I am the force; I can clear any obstacle before me or I can be lost in the maze. My choice; my responsibility; win or lose, only I hold the key to my destiny."