Monday, October 26, 2009

Listening to : Penny Lover

Reminiscing about those time, where my mom practically have to cut the TV cable for me to go to sleep at 8.30pm for school the next day.....

I'm still up now, and listening to Lionel Richie singing Penny and still thinking about what to write...well actually too many thing to blog about but i don't know where to begin.....

To those from Kenny's website chatters....Hugsssss enjoy reading...and make sure u read from the begining ok ;)

hmmm... well, i posted my latest face on facebook....i did "uncle boy's nite out with pero's car.....i perfected my favourite teh Tarik recipe ( i think...well for my taste, that is..) i lost few kilo......i chatted with my old friend who came to the salon the other day...i took a snap shot of these bunch of "so called SPIES" for being sooo stupidly think that i don't know what they are up to ( if any of them reading this post.....i got ur bloody car number, and i'm going to report you to the police...just wait and see....that'll teach you a lesson!!!!)

Ah well, it's been a long day and i need to get up earlier morning later to the i'll see u guys around....i do miss my social life, you know! =) sweet dreams and god bless.....Love you

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Episode about SAME word but different interpretation...

I was on my nosy mode today, browsing thru some of my favourite blogs online earlier...UNTIL....

(I had the best laugh today! No name dropping here ok ? heeeeeeee)..... I came across this conversation on the chatter's box...
B: I need a company
G: ok, I'll built / build u one... now u tell me, what's wrong here? LOL

Oh MY LORD....I was really holding my laugh, until i almost fainted! My mom rushed in my studyroom to see what happened to me! She thought, i'd gone metal for laughing so loud! BAHAHAAAAAAA

All i can say is, that poor girl deserved a good clap >> BRAVO, for trying her best to make friends ...Even i can't measure to that, at my age now....she was being very patience with some of the remarks (i can say a bit sarcastic remarks) thrown at her for being a little 'clueless' about the real thing that was written / asked, on the chatbox...

At the same time, i can't blame the others for feeling really annoyed by her 'clueless-ness' and for trying too hard to please others, altho i knew she meant well...

All and all, it was the best day and the best laugh for me, because...sometimes when i read her replies and the other comment, i felt like i have butterfly in my tummy..where a part of me wanted to correct her and another part of me wanted to tell the other about what this poor girl's intention by saying things...which sometimes her remarks may sounds a little awkward...but yeah i got what she meant! LOL...just that it came out wrong...because of her english (well my english is sooooo sooooo bad as well )

oh boy....anyway, i met a few interesting chatters there and yeah i had a blast! Altho i know, i left the my cyber world about 3 years back but hey...i really do miss chatting with some of my very old hoo...ahh well, in life u can't have everything you want ....

Ok, i'm a little sleepy now but i'll dropby when i can ;) Nite Nite Peeps Sweet dreams..where ever you are =)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Same Date, Different Mode ;)

What an absolutely superb day today is =)

WOW! Despite my bitter THANK YOU post earlier, and those tons of kleenex moments yesterday and earlier this morning...i managed to catch 2 hour of sleep around 3 ish till 5 ish this morning and woke up feeling, ABSOFREAKINLUTELY ( I'm actually tempted to use the other version of this infamous word...excuse my FRENCH ;) ) FRESH!!!

Yeah i know some of my closest friends labeled me as BATMAN because of my REPETITIOUS insomnia episode... (luckily, thanks to my good gene.... NO VISIBLE DARK CIRCLE!!! YAAAYYYYY)..and i'm officially " Sleepless in between Lido & Penampang" heeeeeeeeee....anyway...

I'm so eager to share with you guys about how my day started this morning about 6 am onwards!

My day started with me driving out from my house with my loyal "makcik" (my maid, now officially my chef at my kopitiam, also my best friend!) then we went to buy some tofu and fishcake at the Lido wet market.... ( sec, i have to go for supper with my uncle B....) BRB


Sorry guys, just got back from out of town...didnt managed to complete this ;) someday when i'm free will come back to this ok ? Hugsss

The Other Meaning of the word, THANK YOU

Wow, todays seems to be a day filled with lessons!

Somehow it started very dramatic for me today, afterall... it was a challenging month for me, Personal and business wise.

Have you ever felt like you've been attacked from every possible angle that you can imagine? Thanks to my brother, he gave a good topic for today's blog.... I was sort of complaining about my "blessings" to him earlier this evening and it was a bit of a relief because that's what i do sometimes if i'm in my "down to the blues" day.

Well complaining isn't the right word to describe about what i've done earlier, at the moment it seems like it's the closest word i can use tho...Anyway.....

In addition to my drama of the day today, when i was about to have my dinner just now, i had a call from my grandmother....well it was an accident call (i call it) where her phone (maybe her phone have it's own think?) accidently dialled my handphone and i heard on the other side that someone was having an intense conversation.

So as curious as ever, i try to listened to the my surprise, i heard my name came out of no where and .....someone was actually bad mouthing me! I know for sure that my grandmother doesn't read and doesn't know how to dial her own handphone...what surprised me was, what actually happen? Miracle? That maybe God is finally here to show me what kind of relatives i have in my family? Talking about TRUE COLOURS!

As far as i remember, i have done nothing to this particular aunt of mine (well now, i don't think i remember i have such aunt....kapish!) What triggers her to say such hurtful things about me? I wish i knew.... After i decided that i heard enough "juicy" stories from that accident phone call, i passed the phone to my maid and she was SHOCKED! Yeap, she heard every details....every bit of whats left!

If you asked me, if am i sad or hurt or felt betrayed after this? And if i ever said NO, I will be lying...

To put it into a heart broke to pieces....shattered! At that moment, i asked myself...what did i do to deserve these? I'd never ask them for a single cent when i hit rock bottom broke....I never asked help from any of them when my family was really in deep S***!!! Whatever i own to this day is from my own initiative! My sweat, my tears and my sacrifices....everything! Every single thing!

What gives them the right to say such hurtful things about me? I OWE THEM NOTHING!!!!

There out loud, i let it off my chest! To this day, i never looked down on them for living a humble life, because i know and i understand that's the best they can do...and if they have problem they always come to me and i always listened if i can't the least i could do....

Well, after i decided that it's too much for me to bare...i decided to call my grandmother's phone....and asked my granny to pass me to my aunt.

Don't worry, i didn't screamed or cursed or call her with unimaginable names....instead, i said to her " Aunty, i heard every single words that came out from your mouth (altho she still tries to deny it) about me....and i really wanna THANKED YOU for making me a HUMAN BEING! " ..."at this moment, this point of my life, i'm almost gone crazy with every bit of problems in my life and hearing you say such things about me behind my back, isn't helping at all"...."Thank You for making me feel this bad...i hoped it makes you happy." Full stop....

If you were in my shoe that time, what will you do?

At this moment, I'm mending my broken spirit, collecting it bit by it despair...i don't care!

I'm a girl who started with nothing and from no where, whatelse do i have to lose? I've lost a lot of things in life and I'm grateful for being given a second chance in life, to have lived until this day to make a change in my life and so as my family....

To those small minded people, i wish you'd never have to come across my path because if you wouldn't have survived it!

So back off, and don't try and tell me that i'm a bad person or i've done some really bad thing in life, because you don't know me, you don't know what it takes to be me to survived all those things! And remember this, YOU ARE LUCKY TO BE ABLE TO CALL ME YOUR NIECE!!!

Thank you for teaching me a lesson today, something that i'll treasure for the rest of my life, one fine day...i'll be a very successful person and ...i'll see wether you still see me as the person you see me today....Thank you for giving me the strength to fight back! I hope you live long to see me on my way to success!!!!

Yours Truly,