Friday, August 28, 2009

26th August - 90th day .....

Ahhhhhh, as per Uncle feng shui guru, on the 90th day after my birthday which was yesterday...i'm supposed to noticed a guy whom (oh my god, i don't believe myself that i'm blogging this out...sighhh...anyway....) is supposedly The One ;)

I guess, i'm taking this feng shui thingy way too serious now.... and the verdict was...yes i met that so called Tall, Dark, Handsome but mysterious guy....he was at that place where i followed my instinct (that is heeeeeeeee)....I don't know why before i entered that place...i knew exactly where he was sitting and i happened to be right as soon as i entered.

If that's not what you guys called faith...then i don't know what what else to say...Right at that moment, i felt like faith was playing with me, because....he suppossedly happily married, and there he was singing he's heart out at the bar! On that night where i'm supposed to find out who's that mystery so called, The One?

Right after i felt a bit less nervous that time...i decided to delete his picture which i fondly kept in my mp3 phone...sighhhh i know...but i felt it was the right time to let go of it....for now....i'm just gonna stay where i stand and move on....

I'm actually writing this blog using my best friend's laptop at the club and i'm rushing out soon...since it's closing time ;)

P/s : had a blast with the boys earlier...singing our heart out yeah!!!!! Viva Karaoke!!!! heeeeeeeeeeeeee
Love all of u readers....

Yours Truly,

Monday, August 24, 2009

Fasting Month....Laptop Lover....Crush?

Well...before my laptop turn blue screen and before the fasting over... i wanna say, Selamat Berpuasa and incase i didnt get to see you guys on hari raya....Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri!

My relationship with Mr Fujitsu (my laptop that is..not some random Jappanese guy...) nowadays really testing my patience...Imagine, u just got back from work and the only place where you normally wind down is, to have an intimate eye to eye with your laptop....and that too didnt work?

I have been quite from my realm world (cyber world!!) because i don't think my relationship with Mr Fujitsu is going to work anymore...I've been with him since 2004 and i think it's about time to look for new Laptop Boyfriend! Or Maybe...Desktop Boyfriend!

Anyway, recently...i found out from a very close friend of mine that, that CRUSH (a guy which i secretly had a crush with!!!) is actually belonged to someone do i feel after that? Let's just say, waking up in the morning and looking forward to see the sight of him is totally out of the question....

Don't worry, i'm not gonna kill myself over him or anything like that, i'm just impressed with myself on how quickly i can go deep in crush with some random face who i thought fits my Dream Man characteristic....pathetic, i know...but can't help it! This is what happen if you're diehard romantic at heart! Serves me right!!!! Bahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa...but OUCH at the same time....sighhhhhhh

Yesterday, I was kinda down but my spirit was high again when i heard that Big B will get promoted to be one of the senior person in her government department! Now this seriously need some serious celebration! If only you guys know how she managed to change her life 360 degree! I'm so proud of you sweetie!!!! At least i've been there before you're somebody....and i'm glad we're closer than ever!!! You deserved that post and don't come asking me whether it's appropriate to spend your money on something expensive for yourself this month.....YOU DESERVED EVERY PENNY OF IT!!!! AND I'M SOOOOOO PROUD OF YOU!!!! THAT'S MY GIRL!!!!

I told Big B I believed in her and she proved me right!!! To those who avoid seing her after her downfall....this i can say, sometimes all they need is a little encouragement...never ever judged a book by its took 1999 times for Benjamin Franklin to fail his experiment and 1 successful experiment to make a difference...and he changed the world with his invention! So bravo Big B!!!! You can make a difference, believe in yourself and you'll get there!!! I have faith in you...hugsssss!

As for me....i might fail a few more crush after this one...but i know he's there somewhere waiting for me to discover just watch ;)

P/s : A good friend of mine told me, a friend of a friend enjoyed reading my blog (secretly that is ;)) No worries sweetheart, just keep reading....if it does make a difference in your life after reading my blog, please do add yourself in, i dont bite ;) i love having friends...and i dont care if you think you're on the same level as other friend or long as you have clear intention and a good're already my friend... I really appreciate it.. for reading my blog, for noticing my inner thoughts and for acknowledging me as a blog writer....i'm truly blessed! Welcome home to my blog and feel free to post any question or anything, even if you have to use Nom De Plume ( Nickname, in french)

Yours truly,

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, dear brother!!!

Whew! August is indeed a great month!

The time now is 3.03am and i'm still here infront of my laptop and romantising about the incident earlier...heeeeee

Anyway, I was at Shennanigan, Hyatt with 2 of my close girls ;) playing pool and drinking cranberry juice and listening to the band (dang, i forgotten about the name of the band! ) reminising about the good ole days, where Shen used to be our second home ;) by that, no joke eh! Me & Big B were jumping up and down while playing pool, and screaming singing "Sweet Child of Mine", while Mem watched and laughed...heeeeeee

Earlier, i was at Kinabalu Annex with the two having dinner ;) until i can't bare it anymore with all the noise, come on ...gimme a break! I just wanted a quiet evening after a pretty hectic day with my 2 close girls.... then when i finally reached my limit, i asked Big B and Mem to sit Ala Al Fresco at the patio....finally!

To my surprise, the guy (let's just call him, tall & dark singer! Because he sings really well and he's tall and mysteriously dark...DANG!) suddenly came out from his car and i was ...BLUSHED for no reason! Oh my god! And yeah, at this age eh? Heeeeeee should i put this to words? He's those whom i normally will give a second glance, and he makes me feel "all butterfly inside" ;) , get what i mean? Bahahahaaaaaaaa......well as you guys know by now, i'm famous for having crush in an instant! I have no control over my has it's own mind...sighhhhh....but it felt so damn good have nooooo idea... heeeeeee!

That was the third time i saw him so far and he does make a lasting impression. The first time was not really nice tho, because i was a bit irritated with him. I remembered it was on sunday, somewhere in June. At the same place, where he was with his friends and i was at the bar, and singing with my other close friend, Manja. It was after meeting with a new photgrapher friend....

What makes him irritating to my eyes that time was, whenever i sing a soon as the song finished, he'll request the same song and sing it again! At first, i didnt noticed until manja pointed it out and after hearing his friends laughed at him for singing the same bloody song! That was when i turn around and looked at him..and boy, he was fine....heeeee but he irritates me! SHOOT!

Then recently, somewhere end of July...i saw him again! He was sitting at the spot at the bar where i love to sit! Arrggghhhhhhhhh! Enough already! To my agony that time, i had to sit near the speaker (the only table available that time) looking directly at his a** view! Sighhh...but he got a fine asset there i must say ;) ( now i know the meaning of...everything happens for a reason!)

So there i was with my another new photographer friend and Mem having dinner and i was well equipped with a birthday cake for my photographer buddy....for his birthday surprise! At the same time, I was secretly wondering, who was that mysterious dark, tall and good singer but irritating...i said to myself...God please let me know what's his name least?

What i didnt know, when my photographer buddy blew his birthday candles, Mr Mysterious came over to shake hands with us all...and told me his name! Guessed my wishes came true! Heeeeeeeeeee......(I honestly had a "Perasan Moment" that very moment!!!) Ah well, at least i'm being honest eh ?

Then, today 3rd August....we met again for the third time! Coincidence? I don't know...but it felt good ;) damn good =) because, the part i forgotten to mentioned, as soon as he came out from his car, he had a second glance at me (well, maybe he thought that "i've seen this girl somewhere", or something...well another "perasan moment" here again!) but he looks good, even better than the first and second time i saw him....sighhh ( i think this is what they called, "cloud nine moment" ) heeeeeee

** Oh my, i totally forgotten about the whole reason why i'm blogging today, here goes:
Happy Birthday my dearest Andre (my one and only brother!) You're a year wiser now, and also a daddy to three handsome boys...the moment i'm writing now, i'm listening to our favourite song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and altho i'm having this "butterfly thing" going on, I want you to know that i think about you and your family a lot lately...i just miss you, and i wish that one fine day, you'll be back here again on the main land with me and mommy...i really do miss you!

I remembered crying when i listened to your birthday wish on the morning of my birthday few years back, because i thought you've forgotten about my special day! You were singing this song on my voicemail..and that really touched me....thank this will be our special song for the rest of our life for as long as i live....

I remembered, you were always pissed at me when i interrupted your singing session back in the days. Remember the time we were at the staircase back at home those days, there was this time, you were really pissed at me for singing your song (Somewhere Over The Rainbow) while we were pretending to wait for Papa to come home? I bet you don't...but i do....that's how much i love you, dear one and only brother....

Those memories will be with me no matter where i am, because you're always in my heart and my prayers...if it means for me to give you my last breath, i will do it, i did it once and i'll definately do it again, and that's how much you meant to me....No matter what, i love you just the same as yesterday and tomorrow....I may not live up to a hundred years but while i'm still here, I'm gonna tell you what i feel because I'm the one and only sister you have, as you're the one and only brother to me....


Yours Truly,

P/s: This one's for you, just the way we love it....Mwahhhh

Eva Cassidy ~ Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Monday, August 3, 2009


Well... well... well... ;) August is finally here!

I had a good first August sunday usual, me and my close friend with her family went to Grace Point for a family day photo session...and this time i brought my old 350D camera! Heeeeeeee.....

Altho my assistant was scheduled to leave today back to Indonesia but for some reason, she just had to cancel it and instead join me! We had a blast taking pictures and having something to munch and chat, while watching the aircraft taking off and passing by around that area.

While busy toying around with my camera, a new photographer friend and now also one of my close friend, Lee... received a call from his mom. To my surprise, he handed me the phone, and asked me to say hi to his mom...heeeeeeeee

Funny, but then i said to myself..."it doesn't hurt to be nice and say hi to people.." so i did and then another thing to my surprise was....his mom actually thought that i'm a guy..from my voice! BAAHAHAAAAAA!!!

I didn't know my voice can be manly! Well honestly i don't felt offended by that remark, as i can sensed that his mom was actually being very direct and from past experience, direct people are actually very sincere with their intention. So Bravo Mrs Lee, I liked you already!!! Heeeeeeee (no wonder, i'm still single!!! BAHAHAHHAHA)

The thing that touched me today was, apart from feeling like you belong to a family unit (Moi, that's what you make me feel everytime.. without failed...), Mrs Lee's exact sentence... "Thank you for taking care of my son and for being a good friend to him, you have a big heart!". If it's not because i'm an egocentric...i would have cried there and then...

To me, when people appreciate me as me that way, only God knows the emotion that runs thru me at that very exact's like, even after running a marathon, i still can run another set of marathon...that's how good it makes me feel...

I don't know exactly how i touched people's life, but when people touches my life, it made me feel good and i just wish i could do the same....because i know how it felt... just when you think that your life are about to go down the drain and suddenly there's someone there to lift you up and make you feel good again or relief, no drugs can ever beat that feeling!

She (Mrs Lee) pointed out to me that, when you don't look your best or when you are not on your best stage of your life, and people still wanna be with you, and eventually became friends during that time, that's when you know you found a good friend! Thank you for pointing that out, Mrs Lee...for reminding me about my good friends....

Majority close friends that i have now are those i met during my down - to - the - blues -time, so they are for keeps! It's good to know that there's somebody there waiting to catch you when you fall....

With this, i bid u guys adieu, because my eyes is about to shut down...heeee if time permits tomorrow i'll definately continue just that i need to wake up at 5am for the shop and now it's already, 3.35am! heeeeeeee Boa Noite amos!!!!

Yours truly,