Friday, December 3, 2010

Rapunzel ~ Rapunzel....let down your armpit hair... :D

Huh? Yeah.... what could be more shocking and ticklish for a very long overdue hi again where have i been lately than finding my latest mean joke victim huh :p...poor Rapunzel....tsk tsk tsk heeeeeeee :D

Well even while jotting al these down...i'm down with another one of my infamous flu episode (not gonna elaborate on that tho...hehe feeling kinda mysterious lately)

Honestly, i missed my FB friends, my bloggers friends and most of all two of my 'Taiko' and 'TaiChe'....i suddenly felt like my whole world fell apart..when two of my really close confidante go their seperate way...nothing to do with fighting with me or anything like that...just that it's about time for them to spread the happiness they shared with me all these while to others...

To put things into exaggeration level....half of me is now dead....used to call them at wee hours ( dang...ngam kai tu? ) and vice versa....

For sure...i know i'll never find anyone just like them....but hopefully better...yeah they pissed me off sometimes (so do i ) but hell....i love these two awful creature... but i do hope i can see them again....very soon!!!! I Miss You Guys!!!! Come back :(

Yours truly,
Ms Sun - Less Sunshine