Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year, anyone?

Hello and belated Happy New Year to all of you out there..... some close friends called me up on why i kinda abandoned my blog lately....nothing really just feeling kinda not being my usual self lately.

Today, was a final blow.... on all these celebration thingy for me, NO MORE! I was bestowed with rather sad request from my cousin who was diagnosed with stage 4 canser... honestly i don't think that she'll live thru this year... she requested for my family to host the first Chinese New Year celebration this year...kinda like she's saying her goodbye to all of us. She requested for all my aunts and uncles to come to my family home back in the kampung for the last time....

I am very sad, in a way that she knows what coming her way and decided to take action ...where else some people ( You know who you are!!!!!!) they don't know what they'll lose until they'll lose it. All i'm asking is to share the responsibility of trasporting some stuff home for the chinese new year preparation....and that also too hard for them to how stupid is that.

I' not asking for them to spend any single dime on the celebration, all i'm asking is to help me with goodies to send it back to the house....these are those things that pisses me off sometimes.... I feel like telling them off and don't bother coming to see me next time....because it won't make any difference....anymore!

What's the point of having a family whom you can't depend on when you needed them the most? Happy Freakin' Chinese New Year everyone!!!!

Yours truly,
Miss Freakin' Sunshine!!!!