Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Today ~ 15th March 2011

I bid adieu to you today not because i love you any-less....it is because i love myself more.

Everytime i meet a new friend, i ask myself.."Why does God wants me to cross path with this person?"... soon enough, i will find the truth about people and vice versa. Whether i'm wrong or right, ready or not that's besides the point.When it's time for me to part path with them, I ask myself another question, " Did i do well in my role as their friend...what I was meant to do?".

I finally realised, the best relationship that i ever had is with myself, I am my own best friend, i stand up for me regardless what others think.

You can run or find other so called, friend (I'm not here to critic other people, you know what to do)....but the best friend one will ever have is to one's self. Therefore, i embrace my solitude (will correct this soon ;)).... a date with myself!

Yours Truly,
Me & Myself.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Just when you think that everything in life seems gloomy and "direction-less"....you were presented with a few situation which you totally have no what-so-ever clue with or something old which finally resurface from where it was long buried...you suddenly came back from the dead (so to speak) with a new perspective in life.

I, for one who's a firm believer in "signs".....;) witness actually quite a number of incident lately...

I found this while browsing my old status from my tweeter
" This princess is in despair, collecting what's left from those broken pieces with head up high, I WAS NOT BUILT TO BREAK! SO HELP ME GOD!!"

Why i wrote it on the first place? Well i can't really recalled, but probably one of those infamous "down to the blues" days....what's new huh ;)

To those who've been with me eversince i started this blog, probably could read me like a book if they see me face to face. Or so they think ;) AHAAAA.....i could be just plain lazy (Genius, yeah right huh.....i would like to think of myself as one....but sometimes i do end up making stupid decision in life...sighhhh) who can be very direct at expressing my feeling.

A curse? To my mom probably yes hehe....to me, it's my permanent trademark which long before i tried so hard to change...until i begin accepting my true color...loving every bit of me...up to a point where some judgemental individual think of me as VAIN....which i proudly accept...."Well that's me" If i do change, i won't be me anymore :)

I fall in love quickly, got angry in a split second faster than anyone i can remember, being a permanent melancholy especially when i get my "slow theme song" of the day, all sweaty and excited at the site of things which falls under "my fond list".....sighhh, well for short, getting to know me could be a handful...metaphorically speaking ;)

At this very moment, Juwita Suwito's song, Stand is on my "repeat mode" hehe....so you probably could tell...how this post's gonna end huh ;) ....well actually been trying to blog recently but i guess i have been having some "blogger's block" eversince last year.....Just keep your fingers crossed....i might write more than what i'm used to...i said "i might" ;)

I do miss expressing my inner thoughts by placing my tiny finger tips on my laptop keyboard...so therapeutic at times...i hardly noticed the time it's almost quater to 4am....i do hope i get to eat "Tuaran Fried Mee" for breakfast......I give you..Juwita Suwito ~ Stand ;)

Yours Truly,

Princess in Despair