Something That I Am Sure Of

How do you describe, Irene?

Definately a Romantic at heart,

"I am a material girl who appreciates the sentimental value of an object rather than the price tag. The price has nothing to do with the real value of an object. What matters the most was the story or the long journey to get it. Now that's what makes it worth while having, because it's priceless-ly precious..."

As a human being, i'm doing my best to be the best version of myself.

A GUY to be called, MY OWN?
Honestly, i never have a proper picture of how a my HE should behave or look like, all i know..i like my HE to be smart intellectually ( for him to be stupid, that'll be a tragedy! Haha) , to be able to hug me for as long as I am still hugging him. Which means, never ever let go of me no matter what.

A GUY who is sensitive enough to know that I'm deeply hurt even if there are no visible scars. Who would just hold me, regardless of how angry i am, how sad i am, and knows how to say I LOVE YOU with his embrace, instead of saying it out loud.

A GUY who is strong enough to accept me with all my pasts, strong enough to trust me as who i am now, strong enough to let go of me, knowing that I LOVE HIM for who he is (past, present and future), he knows that i love all of him : HIS weaknesses, HIS strength, HIS bad habit and even to HIS snoring.... HE knows and understand that when I love, it means i love every single bit of him, strongly, exclusively and steadfastly....Nothing less!

"I may not have the virtue or the noblelity,
But i have love...
And when i love...
I love Strongly, Exclusively and Steadfastly"

The best revenge will be, to be able to LIVE WELL, HEALTHY and HAPPY, despite what others said, because I'M WORTH IT!"

"If you're still not satisfied, it's just a "delete" away, go figure ;) "

"Life is too precious, LIVE WELL!"- Irene Matahari Johan

I'm always having question marks in my head! Life is like a puzzle. For those missing puzzle to turn into a complete beautiful picture, YOU readers and dearest friends are my i'm yours.