Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The One with an Old Soap Commercial Advertisement!

On my infamous You Tube mode today!

For some reason, i put Julio Iglesias name and googled it....and among all the search info result that came out.....i saw one particular song... Moonlight Lady, that really caught my attention.

And in the name of satisfying my curiousity, i clicked on immidiately take me back to an old old down memory lane state.....sighhh goes....

I was about 9 or 10 years old that time, and as always waiting for a miracle to happen in my life....sitting right infront of the old television..the one with the door ;) , Hitachi, if i'm not mistaken.....suddenly this commercial advertisement about this soap company..May....came out!

To those that have seen it, obviously that live during this era... it started something like, then this dashing young man, came out from his limouzine...(I think he was one of those famous male model, Suleiman or Sulaiman) Tall, Handsome and very very well if he's on his way to attend a classy function or something.....somewhere somehow... he saw this gorgeous lady..( i think her name was Sue Wang...also one of those famous pan asian model those days..malaysian model that is ;) )

And there ...i was romantising the whole 3 minutes of soap advertisement scene...bahahahaa imagining that i was the gorgeous lady, hunted down by this drop dead gorgeous mysterious man...sighhhh..and yeah i had another episode of CRUSH moment after that!!!! Dear Lord! Sighhhh....

(Another episode of ;) after i came home from Office Pub..where i didnt go to BTC with some other group of friends..)

I was actually at home blogging earlier, till Big B came in and i left someone on yahoo messenger! Sorry but i totally forgotten...HUGSSSS

I had a call from other friend earlier...saying that she didnt even felt anything about an old flame, which i think she still have..but just having a wall moment, since the old flame is now in town with his new girl friend ;)

Anyway, i managed to escape from home to go to Office Pub..then i got free t shirt from Uncle and Big B!! I was just having a gut feeling earlier on, wondering wether if it's true that my other old gang might drop in to Office pub during quiz night? And i was right! Well maybe it's because of that "Blue Moon" that i have been getting all this mixed emotion...

Actually all i wanted to do is sleeppp now ( i have forgotten what i wanted to blog about tonight....) i will leave you guys with Mr Iglesias ;)

Julio Iglesias ~ Moonlight Lady

Yours Truly, Baby Matahari

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The One with 10 Kilo of Sugar!

I'm still diligently trying to beat my christmas blues with all this backache and "down to the blues" mode, LOL! And like adding salt to my wound, at this very moment, rain start pouring on the second day of christmas.....singing " rain- rain go away, come again another dayy..."

Woke up about 10-ish earlier, i went to bed this morning at almost 7.30 am.... Thanks to the photographer and his brother, Qesh.... they entertained me, cracking all the "kedayan" jokes! Mannnnn LOL especially the one with "kuih KUMPIT" ...don't ask me, i'm a definately blur "sotong" (aka...i have no freaking idea...LOL) as you guys at the moment!

The young photographer ( as what he would like to be known as ;)... "chem", ngam ah :p heeeeeee) did a huge favour for me, where he drove all the way from Keningau to send me my 10 kilo sugar supply for my kopitiam stock ! This is what i don't understand, why does sugar have to be a controlled item? GEEZZ....

Anyway, he (the photographer) and Qesh came in at about almost in a way santa did visit me, just this time....this particular santa is (well let me describe him to ya heeeeeeeeeee) beardless, young with black hair wearing all black (T-Shirt and pants) with "selipar jipun" (aka..flip flop! bahahaaaaaaa). Or maybe I can also sum them up as, Batman & Robin, because they're not only brothers, they were also partners in crime when it comes to clicking their weapon (aka..CANON CAMERA! Heeeeeeeeeeeeee)
Well lets just call them Batman & Robin, shall we? Lastnight B & R were both driving white shining Unicorn (aka....myvi & kancil heheeeeee) and both were wearing all black theme, where Robin was wearing short...well i guess Robin was still in the festive mode :p bahahaaaaaaaaa!

We had a swell 6 hours of catching up at my infamous balcony! All giggly most of the time, and boy oh boy...sometime i swear that i almost had an asthma attack from too much laughing! BAhahahaaaaaaaaaa...especially the one it "Enchem" and his famous "Kuih Kumpit" ! I promise to blog about this when i finally get hold of the picture on how on earth does "kuih kumpit" looks like, OK? BAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!

Well I hope they do stay in KK because B & R and family were supposed to drive all the way to Simpang Mengayau (The Tip of Borneo, Kudat) for a family trip. Earlier on, it was like a deja vu, when i remembered myself explaining to Robin about the planetary retrogation ( and some other website ...if you guys have time...) and the effect it had on human lives....suddenly, it strucked me that, i did the same thing to my engineer friend a couple of months before an unfortunate mishaps took place which involves most of his loved ones.....and it occured to me that this time, B & R's family were also going to the same affected area, and as if i'm preparing Robin for something big that might take place in his future life! Does this make sense?

I quickly told B & R to begged their parents to skip this trip, instead change their itinerary to somewhere closer to KK area, so that maybe.... if, the parents decided to go back to their hometown the same night, they won't have problem with feeling too tired to drive back!

So i seriously hope they'll change their parents mind about going to Simpang Mengayau just for this time....Please hear me Dear God....

So for now, let's just pray that even if they decide to go all the way to Kudat, their journey's gonna be a safe one....Amen...

Yours truly,
Baby Matahari

P.S. Here are some of the goodies i bought earlier in the name of Christmas spirit!!! LOL! Merriest 2nd Christmas Day, everyone! HO HO HO
Leather Wristlet

Camera Bag

Onyx Danggling Studded Earring

Latex with Silver Hook & Mixed Charmed Wristlet

Dark Blue Carry All Shoulder Bag
Ivory Sandal

Frangipani (Plumeria Flower) Hair Clips

Cotton Carry All Shoulder Bag 1
Cotton Carry All Shoulder Bag 2

Friday, December 25, 2009

The One for Christmas....

Well well, Merriest Christmas and Happiest New Years to All!!!

I for one, sitting with a backache resulting to trying to juggle things... all at one time...serves me right! LOL And yeah, guess what i got myself for Christmas this year ;) ......

A sturdy stainless steel walking cane! <<<<<

Few days before that, i was busy stocking up all the fizzy drinks inside the kopitiam's fridge and by the 5th or the 6th case of coca cola i felt something was seriously off tune with my back....

The next day, i was at one of the cold storage in Damai, buying some bones stock for one of our signature dish in the kopitiam, and decided to just carry the box myself... since there's a lot of people waiting in line to pay their stuff....on the way to the parking, i almost fell down trying to balance my body and the box! Then i heard the sound...CRACK! LOL So the rest was history and that's me and my lovely walking cane guys! LOL

Rather refreshing actually, because i don't have to give anymore excuses about why i don't wanna go anywhere for christmas...especially the visiting part! LOL And at the same time, my mom finally left me alone in peace, on today's christmas morning nagging about going to the church on Christmas morning! HOOORAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY =)

Call me an Opportunist, one of my favourite middle name, if you ask me ;) heeeeeeeeee... but i do feel blue, blue as my font color today, because i was looking forward to go to the beach and capture as many picture i can for this year's christmas tho.... or maybe some impromptu barbeque moments with my staff....boohoo...well like they say, you lose some, you gained some eh ;)

Talking about chritmas, i remembered one favourite moment of mine during christmas morning....that was the first and last time i ever enjoyed going to morning mass....that was ages ago.....

Instead of going with my mom and my brother that time, i got to spend the whole morning mass with my dad, for the first mom didnt have to wake me up in the morning and didn't have to force me to wear a dress and braid my hair! LOL
Everything was perfect that morning, where...i woke up really early and took my shower (those days no heater mind you ! LOL) wear my so called best dress, i still remember white and blue the one i wore for my 6th birthday party!!! Well those days everything was so basic, where you will only buy new dress if there's some extra money on your parents side ;) if the old dress still fits, then that's your dress for the next year....LOL

And as i remembered clearly, my dad was wearing his famous white bell bottomed with marron shirt and his black polished leather shoe and it was perfect, just me and my dad! I was very proper when we were at the church...sitting proudly as daddy's girl and waited patiently for time for my christmas present at the local TAMU (bazaar) at Tuaran....

Soonest the mass over, we went to the bazaar, and i immidiately saw my CHRISTMAS PRESENT! Hangging at one of those green tent. A miniature white church with music! YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!! LOL I still remember the music was Jinggle Bells and jinggly was I that very moment! Jumping up and down begging my dad for that small musical white church to be my christmas present!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE =)

Ok after bargaining hard with the seller, I GOT MY CHRISTMAS PRESENT!!! Lord knows how proud i am at that moment, with my dad by my side and with my christmas present, i felt like a PRINCESS! HEEEEEEEEE.....

I was really happy and nothing in the world can make me sad that time. So after my dad bought few more items at the bazaar.... we headed home, by bus and crossing the hanging brigde at Lakang. Right at the moment, i said to God, "Thank you for giving me my best present EVER!" because a part of getting my little musical church, i get to spend some quality time with my dad and i felt like a little spoil princess....the best ever! It was my first going to town with my dad that year...after i didnt see him for about a year that time. He was always on operation with the field force unit.

Soonest we reached home, my brother got his Christmas present as well but was eyeing on my musical church at the same time! LOL So just to proved that my gut instinct was right, i left my musical church on the round dinner table and went to the toilet....and then came out to a torn church door (the musical church door was made out of colorful plastic, red and blue...) Just imagine that....and that i havent even show it to my mom what i got for christmas from my dad....

I was in tears, heart broken and very very blue...because 1. someone ruined my christmas present, 2. my mom's definately gonna blame my dad for buying a fragile gift for me (knowing that i was a rough kid ;) heeeee) 3. I'm definately gonna get punished for breaking my christmas present by my mom, 4. i can imagine my dad's dissapointment that i cannot be trusted with my new musical church... so i did the unthinkable, i hide my christmas present, and sat at a corner and cried my eyes out....LOL!

Luckily, some of our close relatives came for a visit.... then my mom totally forgotten to ask me about my present. Phew!!! But that special christmas, i had my eyes swollen from too much crying...well obviously...bahahaaaaaaa

Anyway, enough about my childhood christmas...How was yours? At the moment I'm all groovy listening to Chris Brown's version of This Christmas! He jazzed it up well baby =) singing ..." hang all the mistletoe....i'm gonna get to know you better this christmas.....and as we trimmed the tree............................A very special christmas...from meeeee...woahhhhhhh" heeeeeeeeeeeee =)

Lastnight, i sent smses to some of my very close friends, and one reply that really touched me was " Moi, I'm thankful that you been always there for me eventhough you have a special mission (she's talking about my MIA TRIP LOL!) . Without that, my past 1 year been the toughest of all, thanks and may you be blessed with lots of joy, health, wealth and most of all happiness that you most deserved.." boy oh poured like rain! LOL

I finally realised that, i don't only want friends with whom i wanna grow old with...i want friends who needs me as i need them in my life. Like fresh air to me and vice versa!
Abg MARK, now you understand how cry baby i can be eh ;) bahahahaaaa I know you're reading somewhere LOL and i think i broke ROLLS ROYCE's record as a cry baby TOO!

Oh and also, another you out there... one of my favourite photographer, i know you're reading this, thanks for the lovely thoughts and the morning call's the keningau trip to simpang mengayau by the way? Don't forget my 10 kg of sugar ah :p I mean it! LOL!

So before i leave, here's Mr Brown singing This Christmas, may your christmas always be as meaningful one as mine and may you find peace, love, joy and happiness you all deserved....

Just to add some little notes in here, my happiness is when.... i see tears turns to a big smile! So, to make me happy, dearest beloved..... gather up all that whats left in your heart...the pieces of strength that you don't even realised you have and share it with all those who needed a little kick on the butt and then you know for sure, everytime you guys do that, you make me the proudest girl, to have a friend like you...Proud of knowing that.... what others called as a little encouragement would mean or do to others, especially those who really needs it...I'm proud to be your friend no matter who you are or what you do...or where you are...HUGSSSSS
Love Always, Irene Matahari Johan....

This Christmas ~ Chris Brown

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I Just Don't Know Why....

At this very moment, i'm sitting at my desk on the first floor, The Salon....

This morning it seems a little odd, because i lost my temper to one of my staff and i almost destroy the whole kitchen.... I hate it when i suddenly have the urge of simply destroying something...and what makes it worse, it makes me feel much more superior when i do that and soonest when everything is over, it left me feeling worse...

The thing about being angry, i wish i could just turn back the clock, and undo the temper and damages i've thrown and done to others...but i can't, and with that i have to live with it until i finally find my on / off button on this issue....

It started of with my staff coming late in the morning, then as usual..i guessed they are really testing my patience because for the past 3 days, this particular staff of mine has been dropping the same bloody spoon container. On purpose or not, that's besides the happens right after i release them to do their duty after morning short brief. This morning i totally lost it! So i throw every spoon container within reach and every seat that was blocking my way....

I know, it's really bad....i think i had about enough of everything, and on top of that....the salon was open late, AGAIN!

Nothing to do with showing my superiority here, all i asked was for them to come ON time.... it's about that bloody thing called, PRINCIPLE!!! Or maybe some just plain stupid, enough said....

Today, i think i just wanna let them taste my side of the world....the beauty of being an owner, they can piss me off, be my guess..but at the end of the day, it's me who pay them =) Now...isn't life beautiful?

I'm just gonna wait till one of them open their mouth about the pay....and see who needs who? Shall we ;) nothing to do with revenge here..altho it sounds like one, i just want to make my point across...that, how does it felt to get the principle out of the picture and use one owns rule.... MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY, PERIOD!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The One With GaZillions of Question Marks

(This what i wrote earlier this morning....well actually few days ago...)

Today, well actually it was about around 3 am....i got to chat with this ( lets just call him, Mr Mark / MM, because of his prominant MARK! ) A guy, who all these while only exist in name ...where i finally managed to put a face to a name, FINALLY! Abang Mark...Welcome to the family!!! HUGSSSSSS

Related thru marriage, and NO .... he's not one of my CRUSH EPISODE case guys bahahaha...(Abg MM, incase you're reading this..GOOD MORNING or rather..GOOD AFTERNOON :p ...i know you're giggling there....and i know now why you were named THAT as your first name, bcos of your giggly-NESS bahahahaaaa) JOKE!!! Heeeeeeeeeee

Anyway, it was all started when i recovered my password for my other website profile...(hmmm... maybe god wanted to show me something, well it's just a thought!) and at the same time... me with my forever question marked brain which was triggered by another guy ( let's call this one, Rolls Royce...) ....

Well, i met Rolls Royce on the net, where he added me....being Irene ...i don't just brush people off because i don't know them...instead i asked myself, why does God wants me to crossed path with this person?

Then BINGO! I found out real soon that, Mark knew Royce from school time! Best Buddies! And found out about a whole lot of thing in just one chat...good for me, because i get to have an insight about who Royce really is. And personally, i find it interesting... not because i know a whole lot about Royce now (well...i suspected he was a "SPY" earlier...long story! Shhhhhh) but eversince my first chat with Royce, it's proven now that i was right about my theory regarding those children who grew up with their single parent.

Very interesting in a way that, for a fact matter how good the single parent was to their kids, there will still be something missing in the child's mental development. Something that i can totally relate to my life! In a way... my understanding about why sometimes, people behave the way they are, simply because of the missing link or pieces which supossedly linked the entire picture or understanding about certain thing in life and they can't figure it out or can't find an answer to it, or even can't fit in the empty holes with certain things which other people think it's normal, but to these children it seems difficult... does this makes sense?

Why i'm interested to know about all these? Simply because it does help me a lot in my quest of understanding myself and others, better. Understanding certain pattern in human's behaviour developed as a wall in protecting them from getting seen as weak or hiding things that makes them feel not worthy of being heard of. I, for one am a real life example!

For now, i'm going to bed at 1 pm, (you heard me right! LOL) with a big smile knowing that i understand myself a little better now and at the same time knowing that i gained 3 friends from the whole process.... isn't life beautiful? =)


Yours Truly,